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As far as we can discern,
the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle
a light in the darkness of mere being.
Carl Jung

castles The websites linked to the navigation bar above are primarily a reflection of my own personal interests, but may serve to facilitate an exchange of information with people who might share similar or wider interests and knowledge. As such, the websites are, and will probably always remain, work in progress. Therefore some sections are still incomplete and may only act as place-holders for further development, time permitting.

Note: ‘website-1’ is the most complete and while some work has been added to ‘website-2’ many sections have yet to be addressed. Website-3 is another development area that is simply researching the speculative idea that all matter in the universe has an underlying wave structure. Website-4 is relatively new and is simply a placeholder for new topics at this time. However, the home pages for each of these sites provides a better synopsis of the scope, status and rationale of the work covered to-date.

So, as indicated, this website essentially reflects a personal learning process and, as such, it is recognized that some information may be in error and will therefore require correction. If you wish to highlight an error or have an alternative perspective, you can use one of the facilities within 'Site Services'. However, if you are likely to be offended by any views that do not align to your own, especially in the area of theology, it might be best if you look no further, although it is hoped you will stop to consider another worldview, which remains open to new information.

Education is the soul of a society
as it passes from one generation to another.

By way of acknowledgement, the picture is from Alan Lee's book `Castles` and depicts Carbonek Castle, which is often linked to the search for the Holy Grail. Although, this site is not about this legendary search, it is in some ways about an equally profound search for answers concerning the true nature and purpose of life within the wider universe. However, on a more down to earth level, the site has essentially just evolved as various topics have been pursued in an attempt to expand my own ‘worldview’, which is why the style so often follows the format of a question followed by some investigation of an answer.

General Declaration This site has no political or religious agenda and no affiliations with any other organization. However, it is guided by the principle of an essay by William Clifford entitled 'The Ethics of Belief', which the reader might wish to review before going further.

Technical Note: See 'Site Status' for general information and ‘My Web’ for more technical details about the design of the website in general. Other information of possible interest is covered in 'Upgrades and Backward Compatibility'.