AI Technology

TechnologyThe intention of this section of the Hybrid AI paradigm is to try to summarise a broad spectrum of technology that will need to be addressed. In reality, the actual breadth of technology  that will eventually be required to underpin the evolution of AI may be much wider than we can even imagine today. In all probability, these dependencies will spread across virtually all the sciences, old and new. However, in an attempt to reflect the scope of technology under consideration, the section is broken into 4 further sub-sections, each addressing a range of topics:

It should be recognised that, at the current point in time, there is no established or overarching approach that guides and coordinates AI research. Therefore, researchers often disagree about many of the key issues, which makes it difficult to focus on any given aspect of technology development that might be described as central to AI. However, it is recognised, and generally accepted, that a few of the key questions that remained unanswered relate to to whether AI should simulate biological intelligence by studying human physiology and neurology. In contrast, some contend that human biology is about as relevant to AI as bird biology is to aeronautical engineering.