1Everything we hear is an opinion, not fact.
 Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
Marcus Aurelius

In the original discussion of worldviews, an attempt was made to consider some of the wider issues of human nature and the historical events that have had a major impact on society, as a whole. However, in the context of the present-day world, the accumulated effects of the past may often come to manifest themselves in terms of some overt or subliminal 'cultural bias' that is determined by the society in which we are born and live. While this 'cultural bias' may be defined by a dominant religious, political  and/or class system, other aspects such as our personal finances and the wider economy may also play a part. Again, this bias of our general perspective on the world may also be the result of both education or indoctrination, which can also be a matter of subjective debate, such that we need to consider the following question that is simply being tabled at this point:

What major factors may have influenced you in reaching a certain perspective on any given topic, e.g. education or indoctrination?

Of course, in the absence of first hand experience, the actual scope of education and indoctrination may simply be biased by the newspapers or TV channels that are available to us. Of course, sometimes the freedom of the press and television is controlled by either a religious or political doctrine, which limits access to information, such that we might need to consider another question:

To what extent is our perspective, on any topic, influenced by those in control of the media and information in general?

While we might readily understand the influence that religious, political and class systems may have over our lives, the perpsective of many is also influenced by their personal finances and the economic conditions that affects their everyday lives. In terms of Maslow's definition of human needs, the most basic priority is given to our 'physiological' and 'safety' needs. If this is the case, then our 'personal finances' and the 'wider economy' may actually have the greatest influence on our ability to survive and prosper. For this reason, some initial discussion on these topics has been developed as a starting point.