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For every problem,
there exists a simple and elegant solution,
which is absolutely wrong.

The quote above is a reminder that this section of discussions should not be seen as a statement of fact, but rather an investigation of some interesting ideas, which may prove to be 'absolutely wrong'. As such, website-3 is simply an attempt to consolidate what started out as a speculative set of discussions in website-1 to consider the idea whether all the physical 'substance' in the universe was predicated on some form of 3D wave structure propagating within the fabric of space, analogous to the limited 2D animation right. However, this original set of discussions is now positioned under the WSM model, which is preceded by the WSE model that primarily acts as a statement of requirements rather than as another wave model. As such, website-3 is intended to be a revised framework of discussions that may be expanded to include additional wave models as and when discovered.

What is the state-of-play with any of the models to be discussed?

To be honest, while aspects of the original WSM model and MMW model appeared to be a logical concept, earlier reviews of these models never really proved to be substantive in their overall description, which were primarily based on possibly limited mathematical assumptions and simulation models. In fact, none of the models to be discussed in this website have been subject to any real empirical verification, although this criticism might also be applied to many aspects of today’s mainstream quantum models. Again, it will be highlighted that website-3 does not pretend to have any scientific authority and, as such, website-3 should be considered as a discussion of ideas rather than trying to forward a new speculative theory. However, this set of discussions will attempt to reference some of the work done in this area based on the general assumption that some form of wave structure underpins all matter. However, while most of the ideas to be discussed do proposed some form of wave model, they are not necessarily compatible with each other and invariably challenge the standard models of science. While many who work in mainstream science will refute even the possibility that some aspect of the standard models might misrepresent the reality of cause and effect, the words of Voltaire might still question such certainty.

Doubt is not a pleasant condition,
but certainty is absurd.

If the idea of any form of wave structure model is new to you, it is suggested that you might start with the discussion 'sources' and then follow the link to 'historic context', which then expands into a discussion on 'substance' and 'concepts'. However, the 'sitemap' allows all pages to be indexed by full title.