Matter is Made of Waves

Note: At this time, many of the sections within website-3 are still in development. The first step in this development process is to established the new structure and install as many pages as possible. In this respect, the review of Gabriel Freniere's website, see website-X, will be part of 'step-2', such that the pages in this section are currently placeholders with just a few paraphrased comments. Reviewing the scope of LaFreniere's work will undoubtedly be time consuming, such that each page in this section will be added as completed within its own stepwise process. Each page in this section already links to a corresponding page in LaFreniere's original website and when each page is reviewed it will added along with a  link on the corresponding LaFreniere' page pointing back to this review. 

In part, the previous section discussing the WSM model does include several discussions of Gabriel LaFreniere's MMW model, see insets right for links. However, this model does have some fundamental differences with the WSM model, which was originally forwarded by Milo Wolff. In this respect, the extended format of website-3 is intended to allow a wider discussion of the requirements on any WSE model, which includes the scope for other waves models, e.g. the OST model.

Note: Gabriel Lafreniere was born 4 October 1942 and died 11 April 2012. He was a pioneer  of the wave structure of matter hypothesis, who published his ideas on his own website. However, Gabriel's website ceased to exist after his death and website-X is only a copy of the English version of the original website for reference purposes.

Every discussion in this section will be based on LaFreniere's original website, where each page includes a link to the corresponding page within website-X. However, while  each page within the following discussions is broadly based on LaFreniere's original website, the ordering of the pages has been changed into a revised hierarchy and edited such that it may not reflect the original intention of the author as it is now intended to be part of the wider discussion of the requirements on any potential WSE model.

Note: While LaFreniere produced dozens of 2D wave stimulations based on a number of wave equation, see Program Sources for details, it seems clear from his own statements that the equations used may not necessarily be a physical description of the actual causal mechanisms as work:

“Standing waves are not made of travelling waves.
For calculation purposes, such waves can indeed be considered
as two sets of waves travelling in opposite directions.
This is a very useful method for computer programs."