A Machiavellian Conspiracy

If we start with a definition of the word ‘conspiracy’ in isolation, it can suggest an unlawful, harmful or evil plan formulated in secret by some small group. However, for the purposes of this discussion, we might moderate this definition by prefixing the word ‘Machiavellian’, such that it describes an activity that is not necessarily unlawful or directly evil, but still secretive in its nature, which then conspires to promote its own interests while possibly ignoring the interests of others. Based on historical evidence, the idea that small groups do not conspire, i.e. in the Machiavellian sense, to forward their own political, financial or ideological self-interests appears naïve.

Note: The initial point raised above is made because many discussions forward the idea of a conspiracy at work in today’s society, which are then often dismissed on the basis that they are promoting a ‘conspiracy theory’ without any factual proof.

While many conspiracy theories may simply be based on speculation without providing substantiated evidence, history is replete with Machiavellian-like conspiracies that should possibly have been heeded. However, one of the major problems associated with verifying the veracity behind any potential conspiracy is that there may be many competing self-interests attempting to guide society in some given direction. If so, the process might be likened to a Ouija board, where no one person or group is necessarily in total control of the outcome. While the source of the following quote is debated, it is often attributed to Machiavelli (1469-1527) and one that was often cited during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis.”

So, having made this introduction, we might now focus on whether any aspects of the narrative surrounding the Covid pandemic were driven by a Machiavellian-like conspiracy that encompassed a variety of self-interests, which were not disclosed to the general public.

Note: This website first reviewed some of the issues surrounding the Covid Pandemic in 2020 following the UK government’s decision to impose a lockdown policy on 23-Mar-2020. While it was not initially unreasonable to assumed that this decision was based on expert medical advice, this idea would be later challenged. However, this decision may have also been influenced by newspaper headlines citing a report by Imperial College claiming that an earlier lockdown in England could have saved more than 20,000 lives. This figure was derived from SIR models that were later shown to be a gross exaggeration based on flawed assumptions.

One of the authors of this report was Neil Ferguson, who is an epidemiologist and professor of mathematical biology and an initial member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) to the UK government. This group was headed up by Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser and Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Adviser and initially assumed to be an authoritative source of information needed to guide the UK government Covid pandemic strategy. However, almost from the outset, many other possibly better qualified experts began to question this advice as possibly both flawed and biased by self-interests that the general public was unaware. Later it was revealed that Patrick Vallance had £600,000 of shares in a pharmaceuticals giant contracted to develop a Covid vaccine for the Government. Chris Whitty was a director of the ACT Consortium, which had received £20 million of funding from various sources. Neil Ferguson also had links to the Act Consortium, which had been receiving funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation since 2014. Financially, vaccine research had become an increasingly important part of the pharmaceutical industry, where Pfizer alone would come to make $37bn (£27bn) in sales from its Covid vaccine in 2021 plus similar profits in 2022 from its multiple booster programs. According to a CNN article (May 2021), the Covid vaccine program has created at least nine new billionaires after shares in companies producing the vaccines soared. Overall, the pharmaceutical industry itself has seen significant growth over the last decade with worldwide revenues approaching $1.48 trillion. With such huge sums involved, various pharmaceutical companies had prioritised their self-interest by funding organisations that would promote the development of vaccines.

Note: The Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium lists its key partners as Imperial College London, but where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gavi Vaccine Alliance are the primary funders. Another focus of self-interest was the ID-2020 alliance with the following stated goal: Identity is vital for political, economic, and social opportunity, but systems of identification are archaic, insecure, lack adequate privacy protection, and for over a billion people, inaccessible. Digital identity is being defined now and we need to get it right.

From an initial and speculative perspective of a Machiavellian-like conspiracy, all these groups had a self-interest to promote ideas that would come to profoundly impact society, economically and socially, without the general public understanding the implications. It is now estimated that UK Public borrowing in 2020/21 was £317.4 billion above the government’s plans, while lockdown and social distancing caused further economic contraction. While estimates vary, UK GDP was at least 10% lower in real terms in 2020 than in 2019. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) suggested that output fell by 13.3% over the 2020/21 financial year, equating to a further £336 billion loss of revenue to the UK. If so, this amounted to a £750 billion deficit to the UK economy that might be directly attributed to the government’s pandemic policies. In wider terms, the mental health of a population often depends on social interaction, whether in terms of sports and entertainment events, travelling and holidays or the celebration of cultural, religious and festive events. Additional stress was caused by job losses and social distancing restrictions involving family and friends compounded by school closures and postponement of important examinations. In summary, the lockdown policies imposed a huge additional burden on the UK economy, while also causing disruption to normal health services as governments put disproportional emphasis on just one illness.

Note: Statistics suggest that 80% of Covid infections may be asymptomatic, such that a person may have no symptoms, but can include a mild cold-like infection. The next 15% of infections may exhibit symptoms ranging between a common cold to more severe flu-like symptoms. While the last 5% of cases may be serious enough to require hospitalization. The fatality figures for Covid in the UK, based on official data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), is estimated to be 0.11% of the UK’s 67 million people. However, this 0.11% figure also needs to be put into further perspective in terms of a mean age of 80+ at the time of death, where most had multiple comorbidities. It has been shown that the (>80) age group have accounted for 60% of all deaths, while the (>60) age groups have accounted for 93% of all deaths – see Statistical Analysis for details.

However, we might widen the scope of speculation by suggesting that the goal of the ID-2020 alliance was also  promoting the idea of a digital passport to which your personal vaccine status might also be attached without which travel and access to many public and private amenities could be restricted. We might also consider whether this idea might eventually lead to the imposition of a far more extensive Social Credit System, especially if combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency System that could then block your access to buy almost anything.

While some, but possibly not the majority, might see the benefits of such systems, it is not surprising that many have questioned this goal in terms of the right to privacy, such that we might wish to know a little bit more about these organisations and their objectives. The ID-2020 Alliance was apparently started in 2017 with founder members Accenture, GAVI, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation and IDEO.org with the goal of tagging every global citizen by the year 2030. GAVI along with various vaccine manufacturers supported the ID-2020 program as it was presumably helpful in their own goals for global mass vaccination programs. We might also highlight yet one more organisation, founded in 2015, called the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) with the apparently laudable goal of financing independent research projects to develop vaccines against emerging infectious diseases, where its funding was linked to various governments and the Gates Foundation ($100 million) and the Wellcome Trust ($100 million). In March 2020, the British government pledged £210 million to CEPI to focus on a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus, making it the largest individual donor to CEPI and GAVI.

Note: Over recent years, the public has often been told that a scientific consensus has been established, which represents an authoritative position that should not be questioned. However, it is not unreasonable to suggest that such a consensus can be created and manipulated by influential and powerful institutions to best meet their own self-interests. When this is the case, the goal is not only to create a consensus in support of their position, but to then protect this consensus by imposing a form of censorship, which restricts the publication of anything that might contradict the narrative being promoted – see The Nature of Consensus for details.

It is argued that this position is not some veiled conspiracy theory, as any wider review of what has happen throughout the Covid Pandemic clearly highlights the attempts of governments and powerful institutions to control the narrative to the general public. One example that might be cited concerns the consensus that Covid vaccines are both safe and effective, which is still being maintained by some despite mounting evidence to the contrary – see The Efficacy of Covid Vaccines and The Vaccine Efficacy Illusion for more details.

Note: At this point, the reader may accept that, at least, some circumstantial evidence has been presented that might suggest a degree of collusion in support of the self-interests of certain groups. Later, as the stranglehold of censorship imposed by mainstream and social media companies loosen, the general public might have come to hope that the restrictions imposed on their lives as a result of previous pandemic policies was over and would not be repeated in the future.

Unfortunately, the scope of the Machiavellian-like conspiracy previously suggested will now be widen in light of a number of videos released in October 2023. The first one-hour video presents an interview with Paula Jardine, who is a writer/researcher who has just completed a graduate diploma in law. She also has a history degree from the University of Toronto and a journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While there is much detail in the video, it needs time to assimilate. However, it possibly forwards an explanation as to why the Covid strategy of lockdowns and mass vaccines were simply accepted in so many countries. For while the large pharmaceutical companies and institutions mentioned earlier clearly had political influence, we might still seek a more ‘Machiavellian’ process with direct links to Western governments.

Note: At time 3:03, Jardin makes reference to a different version of the Manhattan Project, see pdf link for details, with the following statement: On July 11, 2019, a think tank called the Biodefence Commission held a panel discussion entitled ‘A Manhattan Project for Biodefence: Taking Biological Threats off the Table’. The objective was to ‘create a national, public-private research and development undertaking to defend the United States against biological threats.’

The link above also makes reference to a man called Dr Robert Kadlec, see pdf link for details, which suggests that the biosecurity ‘Manhattan Project’ is too important to leave to politicians or Adam Smith’s invisible hand. However, the following quote is possibly more chilling:

‘I called for and had outlined “a greater than Manhattan Project for the 21st century” with no less than “the creation, with war-like concentration, of the ability to detect, identify and model any emerging or newly emerging infection, natural or otherwise; for the ability to engineer the immunization and cure, and to manufacture, distribute and administer whatever may be required to get it done and to get it done in time.”

For additional reference to the issues outlined by Jardin in the video, see pdf summaries: The Bio-Security Cabal, Covid Czar Robert Kadlec, Covid Insider and his Eugenics Agenda, Men Behind UK’s Lockdown. However, while these summary papers may be informative of what might be described as a Machiavellian-like conspiracy, the following paper may be far more alarming to most of us.

How Big Pharma Sold Vaccines to the World
Note: This pdf paper has been collated from a four-part series of articles and it is hope that the author, Paula Jardin, will not see this as an infringement on her copyright as it was simply hoped that this pdf form might be read and distributed to a wider audience.

While the paper needs to be read in full, the following extracts might be seen to support the previous concerns about the motivation of the various vaccine consortiums:

“Over the last five decades - long before governments used the fear of Covid-19 to accustom their citizens to bio-security surveillance through continuous mass testing of healthy people, test and trace, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports that replace people’s rights to participate in society with conditional permissions - the control and elimination of diseases via medication has gradually become the sole and ultimate goal of global public health policy.”

“This might mean limiting individual access to work, insurance, hospitality and leisure, and other parts of life, based on an individual’s health or risk of Covid-19 infection or transmission.’ In other words, universal vaccination means universal control.”

“In 2011 when Seth Berkley left the RF to become GAVI’s CEO to oversee the implementation of its ‘Decade of the Vaccine’, vaccines accounted for only 3% of all pharmaceutical sales. But they stood apart from all other pharmaceuticals in one significant way: their sales were growing at twice the rate of any other pharmaceutical product, at 10-15% per annum compared with 5-7% for other products. A 2013 survey of industry trends prepared by WHO health economist Miloud Kaddar predicted that the global market for vaccines would become an engine of growth for the industry, increasing in market value to $100billion by 2025. In a single year the Covid-19 vaccines alone have eclipsed those projections, generating $150billion revenue for the financial year 2021-2022 according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).”

“The goalposts keep moving. When it was updated again in 2013, the US immunisation schedule comprised a total of 52 injections of 17 different vaccines over the course of a person’s lifetime.”

The next video will also be presented as a link, such that it might be reviewed first, after which a brief outline of the main implications will be summarized. The video is entitled WHO Pandemic Treaty Danger and presents a speech by Philipp Kruse at EU Strasbourg Parliament, dated 13-09-2023. This speech addresses the major concerns related to a World Health Organization (WHO) proposal for a new pandemic treaty and an equally concerning proposal for changes to the International Health Regulations. If adopted, the WHO would become the primary authority in all future pandemics, despite all its obvious failings throughout the last Covid pandemic.

Note: By way of background, since 2000, the WHO has become increasingly dependent on private foundations and pharmaceutical companies for funding. As a consequence, the WHO is another institution that is increasingly focused on vaccine-based strategies to treat viral outbreaks. In 2009, the WHO amended its definition of a pandemic and started to promote a top-down policy approach, which in 2020 contradicted its own earlier guidelines and supported the unprecedented mass vaccination program. Within this same timeframe, the WHO changed its definition of herd immunity in contradiction to accepted immunological principles.

The first part of this discussion outlined what was described as ‘circumstantial evidence’ concerning how the general public were not really told the truth about the scope and effectiveness of the pandemic policy, i.e. lockdowns, PCR testing, social distancing, mask wearing and mass vaccination, which in many instances were made mandatory. However, the work of Paula Jardine further highlighted the potential machinations of various self-interest groups funded by individuals, consortiums, pharmaceutical companies and by what she describes a Bio-Security Cabal operating with the support of government institutions. Jardin’s account clearly suggests the WHO has been funded to prioritize the self-interests of these groups rather than public health. Therefore, the following slightly paraphrased quote by Eva Vlaardingerbroek might resonate concerns of many, who may increasingly feel that democracy of the ‘ Government of the People, by the People, for the People’ has been forgotten.

“This is not a democratic process, this is something that is diametrically opposed to the democratic process. That’s why we’re not hearing about it. Once a new pandemic hits, and those are their words, not mine, we will have a united response to how to deal with a pandemic, meaning there will be this organisation that is not democratically elected, that we didn’t vote for, which is going to basically create laws that will decide how our respective nations are going to respond to a new crisis, a new pandemic. So this is huge news and it’s very dangerous but we are not hearing anything about it.”

 The next two videos relate to an interview with Professor Dalgleish, where video-1 was released on 6-10-23 that discusses vaccine developments followed by video-2 released on 12-10-23 that discusses the viral origins of the Covid pandemic.

Note: Video-1 is over 1 hour long and, as such, it is difficult to summarise in a few words. However, it is possibly fair to say the Professor Dalgleish is critical of many in authority who supported the accepted consensus narrative surrounding the efficacy of the Covid vaccines and pandemic lockdown policy. Video-2 is also nearly 1 hour and argues that while the Covid virus was released from the Wutan laboratory in China, the work was, in part, funded by the National Institutes of Health after gain-of-function research had been banned in America.

The idea that powerful institutions, both private and government, have self-interests that they pursue through all means available is not a conspiracy theory as it is an obvious fact of life. The fact that the pharmaceutical industry pursues profit as a priority, while often concealing the negative effects of its products is hardly news to anybody prepared to investigate the facts. However, the issue of biosecurity highlighted by Paula Jardin possibly requires a wider consideration that goes beyond the scope of this discussion. Like the original Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb in 1945, there may be a rationale for the biosecurity version of the Manhattan Project in terms of national security that has to be taken into account. In the case of the first Manhattan Project, the need for secrecy was understandable as was the goal of an atomic bomb in terms of the conflict at that time. Of course, there were many consequences of this development that are still a threat to humanity to this day. Clearly, the development of bioweapons of mass destruction are now a ‘real and present danger’ to humanity, such that the security services within powerful governments may have pursued developments initially on the basis of a defensive strategy. However, there are always unintended consequences associated with any development, which might now be realized in the aftermath of the globalized response to the Covid pandemic – see Statistical Analysis and Efficacy of Covid Vaccines for details. For it seems clear that other powerful interests used Machiavelli’s words below as the basis of a strategy to pursue their own self-interests, which they kept secret from society at large knowing that it will lead to many negative consequences on the lives of ordinary people

“Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis.”